Websites I Manage

I Own & operate Butchr – the world’s first networking website for butchers & meat industry professionals, this is an exciting new venture that’s proving popular within the industry. This project is close to my heart and it combines my love for the vastly different worlds of butchery & web design.

When Liverpool FC removed the social section of their website I built Kopfans, this was the first site I made a few years ago, it was rubbish. Today though it’s pretty nifty and holds a small, humble and close knit community of football fans based all across the globe. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several of them and Kopfans will always have a big place in my heart.

The PIELink is a community website for those working with ‘psychologically Informed Environments (PIE’s) a rapidly growing new practice used within health, housing & homelessness services. The website was started by Robin Johnson, a fantastic chap who was one of the original founder of PIE’s. I helped Robin fully rebuild and migrate the site and continue to provide constant support, advice & maintenance on a charity basis. This is a real exciting new part of health services, a world that’s opened my eyes to some of the selfless & inspiring people that are working to improve the lives of others.


I have designed & built the following websites: – A simple one page site for a local fishmongers. – A pretty pink book blog. – An information site for a body massage treatment center.